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Learn about us through our custom-designed training programs where we teach, inspire, and renew employees. All of our training services include an experiential phase that allows participants to learn through personal experience. Here is some information about our doctorate level partners.

Dr. Tim Buividas Tim Buividas, Ed.D.

Tim Buividas is a consultant, coach, organizational strategist, author and professor. He brings extensive experience, passion and energy to each and every client engagement.


Tim Buividas, Ed.D., co-founded The Corporate Learning Institute in 1992. Tim enjoys training and development with participants to create performance breakthroughs and organizational changes among all levels. He has consulted entry level to executive level participants. He works one-on-one or in group settings.

Performance Coach

Tim provides Executive Coaching and Consulting services that focus on managing change, leadership development and management excellence, sales effectiveness, team development, individual skill enhancement, and personal style assessments for companies whose goals are to create positive change throughout their individual performers and organizations. Tim began coaching individuals to higher performance levels in the early 1990’s. His passion is helping guide and develop people towards becoming highly effective in their performance. The net result he is after is for increased performance as an employee along with individual growth and development.


Tim creates provocative learning experiences that change people’s lives. Through the delivery of his services Tim has impacted over 15,000 participant lives from major corporations and organizations throughout the world.


Tim has been teaching at the university level for more than 10 years. He is an adjunct professor at Benedictine University, teaching MBA classes in effective negotiation, conflict management, organizational behavior, and personality styles. He has also run orientation for adult learning, team building, management, and leadership for undergraduates. He has taught Master’s-level organizational consulting at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and organizational behavior at Dominican University. He has qualified to teach for Keller Business School, and conducted seminars at the College of DuPage.

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Susan Cain, Ed.D., LCSW Susan Cain, Ed.D., LCSW

Partner at The Corporate Learning Institute
Susan Cain is an organizational coach, training designer, facilitator, strategic coach, and author. She is an innovative business leader who is passionate about her work.


Susan is a skilled team challenge facilitator, instructor, and advocate and has worked in experiential training and development for more than thirty years. She has developed and led programs in areas such as: team building, leadership development, accelerated learning, communication, change management, innovation and process development, and corporate strategic planning.

Strategy Coach

Susan ,as a strategic coach, assesses the needs and situation of her client and plan the best way forward. Susan is a valued consultant and coach to numerous Fortune 500 companies across all industry sectors worldwide. She has a proven track record of partnering with teams from top-tier companies to maximize their return on strategic and human capital investment.


Susan has extensive experience designing and administering corporate training and development programs utilizing experiential learning techniques.


Susan is an adjunct professor at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, Chicago, where she has taught subjects such as: Solutions Leadership, Interpersonal and Organizational Communication, Solutions to Organizational Challenges, Leading Through and Beyond Change, Conflict Management, and many more.

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