Team Building Events

Take a look at CLI’s team building events:

Bridge BuildingBridge Building- A team building event

Bridge Building is about collaboration, creating a great work environment, FISH!, and safety. Your group will build a 48 foot long bridge. Your group will be divided up into teams and each team will build a section of bridge. As the event progresses all the sections will be joined together to create the overall bridge. The goal is build a bridge capable of driving a 600lb golf cart over.


 Drag Strip ChallengeDrag Strip Challenge - Team Building Event

Imagine your participants fully engaged in building derby-sized racecars and racing against each other on our 25-foot track! Each team is given unique resources that they use or barter with to build what they hope will be the winning racecar. Your teams will be encouraged to optimize their creativity, reach beyond resource shortages, and come up with the winning car.

For medium to large crowds from 50-500, this event includes music and a professional master of ceremonies.


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Teem GolfTeam Building Event

When was the last time your group played together to have fun while it benefited your company? This program build camaraderie, teamwork and project skills while your large group designs and sets up their own gold course. Each team develops their own golf hole with a theme business issue taken from your company. The entire group then plays golf together through the course, voting in the end on the winning Team!


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Let Them Eat Cake

This short but fun event allows teams to decorate a pre-baked cake according to your business requirements.  Teams will decorate and prepare for a judging contest based on criteria we co-develop.





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Team Building Case Study

Pharmaceutical Company Launches Regional Sales Teams with the Drag Strip Challenge

The Need

This company had an urgent need to develop a  sense of mutual trust and support within its new and existing  sales workforce. The company held a two-day sales summit, and kicked off the session with a Drag Strip Challenge activity. The activity allowed new employees to meet each other as well as existing staff in a neutral, fun environment.

The Corporate Learning Institute Approach

After helping the client assess their needs, CLI developed  the scope of the session to focus on  key areas:

Developing a fun forum for people to get to know each other.
Facilitating the development of a team start-up charter and team shared values.
Encouraging a sense of individual and collective ability and performance potential.
The activity was designed to help sales teams develop a regional team charter and to launch their team together as equal partners. Together, the regional teams built dragster cars and created a charter to guide their teams’ successful launch. They developed a set of operating values to use for the race against others as well as for use as a sales team. The company helped the teams reinforce and implement the team charters by having an administrative assistant record and forward the agreed upon charter and value to the team after the event.


The regional sales teams left the session with a clear approach to working together. The session allowed the teams to share expectations, develop an agreed upon work approach, and surface their concerns and values.


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