Team Training Events

CLI’s Team Achieve offers three different team training events:

Team Training Events featuring Fish! Philosophy

Gone Fishing!

What difference would it make to your workplace if everyone showed up to work with a sense of playing, choosing their attitude, being there for others and making other’s day?

The famous Fish! Philosophy Video has been updated and is better than ever at engaging your participants to make work into a meaningful opportunity.

We show the Fish! Philosophy video and break participants into small teams to participate in a series of challenging activities that let them turn Fish! into real workplace possibilities. We end with an action plan that transfers key learning’s to work.

Team Challenge CupCLI's Training Event, Team Challenge Cup

The Team Challenge Cup is a 2-8 hour event that allows your group to experience real teamwork. The activities that we choose depend upon the message that you want to send your group, the physical ability levels of the participants, and the location of the event.

We will help you develop a custom-designed program that develops enthusiasm, collaboration, creative thinking, communication, and trust.

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Evening at the Improv!Team Training Events, Evening at the Improv

This workshop employs actors who show your group how to think about corporate possibilities in a new way. Our actors draw participants in to develop an improvisation which highlights your corporate challenges in a way that everyone can relate to and learn from.



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